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The new Premium Starter Kit!

    I had used essential oils a few different times for various things before officially investing in my own Premium Starter Kit, but I just didn't fully understand the large capacity of their benefits. During labor with my daughter, I gave my nurses permission to use a few on me to help with some of what I was feeling. The one that helped the most was Peppermint. They placed it on a cotton ball near my face so I could easily smell it and it immediately made my nausea and headache go away. Hello! Sold on Peppermint essential oil!! We got a bottle to take home so I could diffuse throughout the house...(a few months prior I had ditched all my candles after learning how toxic they are, especially for babies) I was excited to use this peppermint to make my house smell good. After a while I was sort of sick of the same smell everyday. So after talking to a few friends and educating myself more about Young Living, I decided to go ahead and become a member and get my starter kit. My main reason was because I wanted more options for making my home smell good...because I was a recovering candle-holic and because I am a firm believer that the number one way to create a cozy home, is scent and I am a shameless nester! So I got my kit and with it came this amazing community of people who love oils and love educating others about all of their benefits. I have learned soooo much!!

    When you become a member, there are NO STRINGS attached! You do not have to sell them. You do not have do to anything to maintain your membership. The one and only investment fee is purchasing your starter kit. Along with your membership, you get a 24% discount on all of their products, access to an amazing community that is committed to helping you learn about your oils and you get a major jumpstart to personal wellness and toxin free living!

    If you would like more information, please send me an email or find me on social media (the links to those are on the right hand side).

    If you want to jump right in...follow these directions and link below! (Make sure you check "Member")

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